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Friday, 26 March 2010
Mortal Online Hacks
Are you currently interested in mortal online hacks? Starting to get tired belonging to the game, travel times, or getting killed by groups when PVPing solo?

Mortal Online Hacks have numerous uses, and can permit you to very easily escape from fights, obtain the advantage in any battle, and exploit or glitch in your game. Hacking can add a entire new dimension of entertainment and make the game feel entertaining and fresh again. Please click here to learn way more about the Mortal Online Hack.

Simple Stealing in Mortal Online
1 of this most entertaining things to try and do with the hacks is steal. Basically run up to a player, or teleport to somebody inside middle of nowhere, steal from them, and just before they've a chance to figure out what just happened - teleport away.

The hack has a ton of characteristics that might be employed or configured determined by what you are enthusiastic about carrying out.

  • WPTele - Teleport to Waypoints you name and save
  • Directional Teleport - Teleport in any direction with hotkeys
  • No Gravity - With this particular function, hover with directional teleport above or below ground
  • No Fall Dmg
  • Customizable Speedhack - 5 hotkeyed speeds you set, from 100%-1000% or beyond
  • Tracking - Lists nearby players, npcs, and priest and enables you to teleport to them
  • Giant Hack - Enhance your size (Only noticeable to you)
  • Radar - 2D and 3D radar.
  • Chams - Illuminates player and npc models to produce them comfortably visible

Hack Safety & Security
Lots of people are with good reason worried about losing their accounts to hacking

This hack is designed with security above all. We don't add a feature to the hack if we feel it'll put your account at an increased risk.

Making Gold Hacking

One common method of making gold is to use the directional teleporter to fly under the ground and find players harvesting far from town. Killing them is hassle-free using the speedhack set somewhat higher then sprint speed. You are able to speed up this process even much more by saving waypoints in places you commonly find harvesters and checking those often.

Like to start hacking now?

If you buy a hack subscription you obtain instant access to the hacks and can start using them immediately. Subscribefor the month! I promise you won't regret it.

Purchase the Mortal Online Hacks Here

Posted by tristan6conrad at 8:33 PM EDT
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