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Why would you use an Aion Bot
Thursday, 18 March 2010
Why use an Aion Bot
Standard players can't stand them, perhaps out of envy, but they're inevitably there. So why do folks use Aion bots?

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You will discover many different explanations regarding why citizens use Aion bots. There's two forms of botters; some of those who bot to acquire concentrations and individuals who bot to farm Kinah. Probably when the botters' name is Asdadeaffew or PorkFriedRice then blatantly its most probably a Chinese farmer just trying to make a located.

Disabled Botters
Various people who've repetitive strain injuries and are not able to find the funds for the regular keybashing and mouse clicking on their hands and wrists.

Regrettable Aion botters who ought to go to do the job or School

The botters which can be just lazy and wish to watch TV even though their Aion bot grinds.

Botting in Aion for Rice
The Chinese farmers are spread in Aion, like a large number of MMORPGs, like rabbits. They offer the Aion Kinah that they've earned for actual life funds. That is due to the fact that the Chinese can precise afford a decent living by selling game gold to you in western currencies. Really do not dislike.

Why bother investing most of your respective time working to grind concentrations and Kinah once you can just automate it - the equipment are there, why miss out?

I'm confident every person has their explanations, but why do we play Aion within a to begin with spot? That it is a sense of achievement. It is exactly the exact same for most aion botters - some want the achievement of turning into the top and other people sense the achievement of waking up in the morning and getting a storage total of goodies and new levels gained while they slept.

Why would you use an Aion Bot

Posted by tristan6conrad at 1:01 AM EDT
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